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dimanche 20 janvier 2008

WCW's Revenge At Royal Rumble 2002 - 6th Anniversary

Yeah, Flair defeated McMahon in 2002
but this came just a tad too late
as WCW had lost to the WWE in 2001.


Anyhow - celebrating the anniversary
of this decisive victory over the enemy
seems a trifle devoid of meaning now
as Ric Flair remains in the WWE
(in the EMPLOY of one V.K. McMahon)
and has even been faced with
an ULTIMATUM coming from McMahon;
the retirement ultimatum, no less!
Flair has to win every single match he's in
(now - as he nears 60 - he has to be
really, REALLY like an Ubermensch
as his entrance music,
Thus Spake Zarathustra,
infers him to have always been...)
otherwise - he has to retire
the next time he loses one single match!
(Luckily, that does not apply
to any tag-team matches or
battle royales he might participate in!)

Flair just defeated MVP on P-P-V
(this year's Royal Rumble, yes)
just to keep his career going!
He's avoided retirement so far
half-a-dozen times
(and that is the way they want it
to feel and look like too; Flair
narrowingly avoiding "the end"!)
against such opponents as
Randy Orton, Umaga, Triple H,
William Regal and MVP
(It is a nice gimmick -
I wish it hadn't been used though!
While it generates interest in Flair
-with every match his possible last-
it makes it appear to be that
a legend like him does not get
to choose when he walks away?
That should never be the case!
It isn't the case either -
but that Flair agreed to this
storyline, makes it seem as it is
if only within the context
of "the storyline"...)

Next up will be... Mr. Kennedy -
ironically the guy that I saw as
the heir apparent to both
Ric Flair and fellow Horseman
Tully Blanchard!

And he could instead turn out to be
the man who "puts away" Ric Flair...?!?

Maybe Flair will choose WHEN he retires yet
- and pass the torch to Kennedy, as I'd hoped?

Not quite the way I was hoping to see it happen though.

We shall see!