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Here is some *bizarre music* courtesy of our friends over at YT - laudable efforts, guys...! But still...

vendredi 10 décembre 2010

A Bruin's Growl

There are so many videos out there to spur on my team to *just do it* - but, perhaps, it is not the proper motivation at all... For these vids have been around for quite some time now: and yet, the team has yet to fulfill its potential and go all the way (at blogging time, they haven't, anyways! Nothing new there: they haven't been so fortunate with Cam Neely leading them in the early 90s - Glen Murray leading them in the early "00s" - or Ray Bourque in the 80s! Not since Bobby Orr in the 70s indeed...)

Motivational compilations, alligning good plays and great hits with just the right music, are nothing new: in fact, even such a thing could not make the team, though a powerhouse as it was, roll all over their most hated rivals on two distinct occasions, some thirty years apart. The compilations rolling out only the positives, editing out any negatives and, therefore, any doubts that there could be on anyone's mind, players or fans alike, have rarely inspired this team or any team to exceed expectations and overachieve...

Such videos are truly laudable efforts though: as they testify of their authors' true faith in their team, their unyielding allegiance to it and their neverending hope to see it reach the pinnacle in its field - asap! They can inspire through sheer epicness - or through humour, in some rare cases...

Such videos can be creative gems too - as they can also be quite amusing, too!

Let's just have a look right now and judge by ourselves, shall we...

The videos are of two other categories as well: made by the fans or made... by the corporation that owns the team! As we can see here:

Just a coincidence, I am sure, that that last guy just happens to bear (pun truly, fully, absolutely intended) an uncanny resemblance to former Bruin and former Oiler Craig MacTavish...
But that is another story...

All laudable indeed - but can they inspire victory, complete victory, one day soon?


dimanche 14 novembre 2010

What Exactly Equals Three Again...?!?

This rather disarmingly simplistic equation makes one think, right off the bat, of the cutest beauty contest of all that just awarded a deserving winner: the M.A.M.'s "Most Beautiful Mathematical Equation" contest! (Such a beauty pageant should have always been, I say...!) And the lucky winner was... E i/pi +1 = 0 or e^{i \pi} +1 = 0 \

(Okay - to be truthful, tis not the "M.A.M." at all but the "M.A.A" - but you can understand why we'd much rather prefer to go with "MAMs" here; a man can go gaga over mammaries all his life but one who cries "MAaaaaaaa" all the time, well, that's a different problem...! But that is another story entirely... A Mathematical American Monthly magazine does exist - although it is really called the American Mathematical Monthly; A.M.M. thus. See: "M.A.M." remains always the better choice! We may also precise, since we've gotten to this point already, that it was really the M.I. - the Mathematical Intelligencer - that conceived of such a pageantry and voted the above formula as "the most beautiful ever" - way back in 1988. The lucky equation -though not a luminous equation; that is my own creation and mine alone! ;)- is found to be a logical progression of previous algorithms found in the works of such illuminaries as Leonhard Euler and was called "the most remarkable formula in mathematics" by one Richard Feynman, "for its single uses of the notions of addition, multiplication, exponentiation, and equality, and the single uses of the important constants 0, 1, e, i and π". Me, I am still thinking of the word "intelligencer" here; who are these mathematical minds who think that they can make up such words using what should be anathema to them, eh: letters! The nerve... But I am digressing once more, eh...)

Anyway... All this to say that the inane, insipid (not to mention incomplete - hey, THE THREE "I"S!) non-equation (antiequation?) "=3" reminded me so much of the winning, remarkable and oh-so "beautiful" E i/pi +1 = 0 - as its extreme, diametrically opposed... er... opposite, yeah! Such luminous connections can only be made on the TLB Prime Network - you know it, dudes!

And so - what is that "=3" thing, anyway - you ask?

Well, let us put this way: it will never win approval from the A.M.A. or M.M.A. or M.A.M. or M.A.A. or even M.I. myself and I! It may have gained an endorsement of sorts from the old A.W.A. mind you - but it does not exist anymore, so forget that! In short, "=3" is something meant for the masses and made by some proud representative(s) of the masses in question - and as such, it will never raise the bar above anything other than basic addition, really! Far from being on the level of our own *luminous connections* (see TLB Prime aka The Luminous Blog for more of those!) "=3" contents itself to tickle the funny bone of its viewers by showcasing and commenting on three different videos uploaded by third parties (how à propos is that...!) and trying, tant bien que mal, to find something that ties it all up together, somehow...! And oftentimes -frighteningly so- in a very, very crude way (especially those comments he publishes to a dancing cat coolcat tune - ugh!)

Here are three (!) examples of that:

RayWilliamJohnson, KushaNdRosaydotcom or RayWJ - three times a news pimp, we say..!

And, just like the beautiful equation issued by a beautiful mind -we're sure- and that equals, in the end, ZERO; "=3" reflects absolutely nothing, ultimately...

Nothing but fluff - in a reputedly cool package, sure.

Laudable effort, but...


samedi 29 mai 2010

Celtic Magic...!

Orlando, Florida thugs came into Mr. Robinson's neighborhood -
Mr. Nate Robinson; a friend of Superman Rajon Rondo, Pierce, Garnett and Allen - and they were rightfully... trounced!

Let's watch:

Bye Bye Magic -
just as it was so long Lebron
I forget who it was in the first round
for the mighty Boston Celtics!
Bravo, Celts -
Bravissimo, C's!
But in this particular greenery,
we all know that it isn't quite enough
if BANNER 18 is not added as well!


lundi 10 mai 2010

The Goal - Bronzed At Last!

It's almost time...^BISH on Twitpic

A closer view...^BISH on Twitpic

One more... on Twitpic

#4!^BISH on Twitpic

Alright - one more - Bobby and his B's.^BISH on Twitpic

On May 10th, 2010, the Boston Bruins organization (one of the classiest in all of professional sports) honored their greatest player ever (sorry, Eddie Shore fans - or Cam Neely fans!) when they unveiled a magnificent statue depicting him in his famous "Orr Soars" pose of May 1970, when he clinched the Stanley Cup for Boston after a 29-year drought. Yes, the player is Bobby Orr - of course. And yes - the piece of art depicting him is a tremendous tour de force of craftsmanship, succeeding in rendering the dynamics of a superb athlete as he is in fact celebrating his accomplishment in mid-air. In comparison, all the pieces of art depicting Montreal Canadiens are boring, run-of-the-mill humdrum pieces of granite merely delineating a humanoid in apair of skates - nothing dynamic about it, nothing kinetic, nothing extraordinary. The Hub of Hockey's legendary number 4, Bobby Orr, in that defining moment of his career is, also, the single most defining moment in all of hockey's history - and it isn't just me saying it either! "Hockey's most famous image," stated Wayne Scanlan of Canwest News service renown. Harry Weber's bronze art is a masterpiece defying the laws of gravity themselves - and that nobody can deny! Bobby Orr is also a jolly good fellow too - but that is another story... (Only a jolly good-natured fellow would brush off the seeming annoyance of goaltender Glenn Hall at being always associated to "The Goal" as, evidently, the guy who let it into his net! But let us not digress at this time, here...!)

Aye - number 4's moment of glory is THE defining moment in all of hockey's fabled imagery - and no amounts of titles, records or other achievements by various "great ones" could ever match it, in this or any other era!

All the more cruel, indeed, that on the very same day that they honored their number 4, the Boston Bruins did not win by four but instead lost by four in a game that could have seen them clinch their berth in the Eastern Conference Finals - and possibly be on their way to another drought-snapping Stanley Cup Championship!

Alas, that is exactly what happened: the Boston Bruins reverted back to a punchless formation for that one game which could have honored Orr like not even Harry Weber's bronzed moment in time does; alas, they could not score a single goal that night. They were met by a desperate opponent that did not want to be eliminated - that is why...

Fact is, throughout the 2009-2010 season, the Boston Bruins had somewhat been labeled as a team that lacked offensive power. They had scored less goals than many of the top contenders - and even less than some pretenders too! This was attributed to the loss of offensive star Phil Kessel in the off-season; that and many injuries had turned the offensive juggernaut Bruins into a more defensive-minded team, perhaps... But then the playoffs started and the Bruins started scoring like the previous season, when they were indeed the best team in the East - and likely in the league (sorry Sharks!)

This continued in the series versus Philadelphia - with the return of Marc Savard and resurgence of David Krejci and Michael Ryder, to name but two. But then Krejci got injured, Marco Sturm as well, Ryder got into another cold streak... just as Philadelphia got two offensive stars back. All was set for that debacle on May 10th - what terrible timing, for Orr's sake!

Still - defense is what wins games and series; and Tuukka Rask is the one who can make the difference in a deciding game six!

Plus: let's not forget that, in this year of being deemed to have a lacklustre offense, again, the Boston Bruins actually accomplished what no offensive-minded club could EVER do: not the mighty Oilers of the 80's, not the Penguins of the 90's, not the league-leading Washington Capitals of this year (that went nowhere fast - but that is another story also) not the Bruins of the glory years either and not even the Canadiens of serial cups ever did THIS:

And to think that the Boston Bruins who scored three shorthanded goals on the same penalty kill were Daniel Paillé... Blake Wheeler... and Steve Bégin! (In a "redemption game" if you will - for it was a postseason berth clinching victory against the team that ruined their high aspirations of last year's playoff run - only to go absolutely nowhere after that and miss the playoffs entirely this year! Now why didn't the pathetic Hurricanes give up three goals in the span of two minutes in game seven of their series against Boston last year, instead - huh?!? Another digression - mea culpa!)

The Boston Bruins have plenty of secret weapons that can strike at any given time and that is what has to be retained here and now - they just didn't do it for Bobby Orr and Harry Weber, that's all!

mercredi 10 février 2010

"Angel Love" - HA!

Wouldn't you agree that the way this so-called "angel" grabs this damsel in obvious emotional distress is eeriely similar to the way famed Universal Monsters' own Gillman (aka the Creature from the Black Lagoon) was all over Julia Adams way back then... huh?!?
I mean - what's the diff, eh?!?
Aside from the fact that the ho enjoys it, that is...

Whether this piece of j... art
is supposed to represent crappy Cupid
putting on the moves on yet another dumb Roman broad;
EROS, doing the same damned thing
to some dumb Greek broad;
OR any of the other bozos of the same ilk
(Adonis, Apollo, Orpheus, Perseus, ETC...)

this ain't Saint Valentine -
the saint actually named Valentine
and after whom this whole mess is named!
It might be Rudolf Valentino by proxy, though...

I'm right,
right, Gilly?
Like - where's the love, eh?
Where's the justice?
Heck - where's the logic;
angels DON'T behave like that!
Unless they've fallen...