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dimanche 14 novembre 2010

What Exactly Equals Three Again...?!?

This rather disarmingly simplistic equation makes one think, right off the bat, of the cutest beauty contest of all that just awarded a deserving winner: the M.A.M.'s "Most Beautiful Mathematical Equation" contest! (Such a beauty pageant should have always been, I say...!) And the lucky winner was... E i/pi +1 = 0 or e^{i \pi} +1 = 0 \

(Okay - to be truthful, tis not the "M.A.M." at all but the "M.A.A" - but you can understand why we'd much rather prefer to go with "MAMs" here; a man can go gaga over mammaries all his life but one who cries "MAaaaaaaa" all the time, well, that's a different problem...! But that is another story entirely... A Mathematical American Monthly magazine does exist - although it is really called the American Mathematical Monthly; A.M.M. thus. See: "M.A.M." remains always the better choice! We may also precise, since we've gotten to this point already, that it was really the M.I. - the Mathematical Intelligencer - that conceived of such a pageantry and voted the above formula as "the most beautiful ever" - way back in 1988. The lucky equation -though not a luminous equation; that is my own creation and mine alone! ;)- is found to be a logical progression of previous algorithms found in the works of such illuminaries as Leonhard Euler and was called "the most remarkable formula in mathematics" by one Richard Feynman, "for its single uses of the notions of addition, multiplication, exponentiation, and equality, and the single uses of the important constants 0, 1, e, i and π". Me, I am still thinking of the word "intelligencer" here; who are these mathematical minds who think that they can make up such words using what should be anathema to them, eh: letters! The nerve... But I am digressing once more, eh...)

Anyway... All this to say that the inane, insipid (not to mention incomplete - hey, THE THREE "I"S!) non-equation (antiequation?) "=3" reminded me so much of the winning, remarkable and oh-so "beautiful" E i/pi +1 = 0 - as its extreme, diametrically opposed... er... opposite, yeah! Such luminous connections can only be made on the TLB Prime Network - you know it, dudes!

And so - what is that "=3" thing, anyway - you ask?

Well, let us put this way: it will never win approval from the A.M.A. or M.M.A. or M.A.M. or M.A.A. or even M.I. myself and I! It may have gained an endorsement of sorts from the old A.W.A. mind you - but it does not exist anymore, so forget that! In short, "=3" is something meant for the masses and made by some proud representative(s) of the masses in question - and as such, it will never raise the bar above anything other than basic addition, really! Far from being on the level of our own *luminous connections* (see TLB Prime aka The Luminous Blog for more of those!) "=3" contents itself to tickle the funny bone of its viewers by showcasing and commenting on three different videos uploaded by third parties (how à propos is that...!) and trying, tant bien que mal, to find something that ties it all up together, somehow...! And oftentimes -frighteningly so- in a very, very crude way (especially those comments he publishes to a dancing cat coolcat tune - ugh!)

Here are three (!) examples of that:

RayWilliamJohnson, KushaNdRosaydotcom or RayWJ - three times a news pimp, we say..!

And, just like the beautiful equation issued by a beautiful mind -we're sure- and that equals, in the end, ZERO; "=3" reflects absolutely nothing, ultimately...

Nothing but fluff - in a reputedly cool package, sure.

Laudable effort, but...


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