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vendredi 27 novembre 2009

What *Did* The PSBs Do To Deserve This...?!?

The Pet Shop Boys got honored recently, at the Brits, for the ensemble of their career... As a prolific duo that, somehow, lasted much longer than Simon & Garfunkel, Sonny & Cher and Cheech & Chong COMBINED - even though that last one got back together recently too; but it is just out of tiresomeness and maybe a hint of hopelessness as well... But that is another story...

Pet Shop Boys have churned out catchy tunes for a very long time now - alas, all of them get tiresome indeed after the fifth listening - why? A variety of possible explanations could be brought forth here, but we will restrain from getting into that right now...

Let us just say that the PSBs got to pay their dues and the only viable explanation why they might deserve the lengthy career salute now is that they did so in a respectful manner - respectful of their elders, respectful of the business, respectful of the art of creating music. And, ultimately, respectful of the fanbase that they targeted in the first place - which is distinct and *special* - but we will not be getting into that either at this time...! It is so very telling though that they thank their fans with such meticulous precision at the Brits show... But anyway!

Personally, THE reason why they *deserve* this - this being kudos of any kind - is the following example of good business acumen, class and all-together practical common sense: back when they were indeed but BOYS, they collaborated with the late, great Dusty Springfield, giving her a chance to get back in the spotlight one final time as they were also giving themselves a chance to make a name for themselves as well! This single event remains one of the best examples of mutually beneficial partnerships: something that should be the norm in ANY business - but is not. It makes sense in the world of arts as well, especially in this day and age of *multi-media* - but it is not the norm there either, not with all the egos in that field... But that is another story as well...

In short, the Pet Shop Boys *deserve* this, because Dusty Springfield deserved that:

And the boys were smart enough to give it to her.

What is it that they say again: give now, it will be given to you later...?