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Here is some *bizarre music* courtesy of our friends over at YT - laudable efforts, guys...! But still...

mercredi 10 février 2010

"Angel Love" - HA!

Wouldn't you agree that the way this so-called "angel" grabs this damsel in obvious emotional distress is eeriely similar to the way famed Universal Monsters' own Gillman (aka the Creature from the Black Lagoon) was all over Julia Adams way back then... huh?!?
I mean - what's the diff, eh?!?
Aside from the fact that the ho enjoys it, that is...

Whether this piece of j... art
is supposed to represent crappy Cupid
putting on the moves on yet another dumb Roman broad;
EROS, doing the same damned thing
to some dumb Greek broad;
OR any of the other bozos of the same ilk
(Adonis, Apollo, Orpheus, Perseus, ETC...)

this ain't Saint Valentine -
the saint actually named Valentine
and after whom this whole mess is named!
It might be Rudolf Valentino by proxy, though...

I'm right,
right, Gilly?
Like - where's the love, eh?
Where's the justice?
Heck - where's the logic;
angels DON'T behave like that!
Unless they've fallen...