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samedi 10 janvier 2009

Aw - How Nice... Ha!

La mode estivale sera romantique !
La mode estivale sera romantique !

Nanette Lepore dévoile sa collection fleurie.

A new collection for the coming summer has been issued.
And it sells rags while riding high
on the pheromonal high of romance -
otherwise known as that fluff
and imaginary thing called romance, yes.

Barf bag included with each purchase?
THAT is the question... FOR...
To market romanticism, these days,
is utterly SICKENING now.
Not only has it been done to death,
for none, NONE, ever truly find
that which is sought after -
For nothing is ever devoid of those pesky things
called CONDITIONS - nope, not in this world, pal!
And as far as ROMANTICISM goes -
it is long gone, DEAD AND BURIED
and it probably never really was, ever,
in the first damn place!
Tainted as it has always been
by those pesky conditions, goals, ambitions,
other desires that are not born out of love
and 1001 various constraints
brought about by the constant struggle that is
just maintaining a daily existence in this life,
courtship has NEVER truly been "romantic"
as it has been portrayed in countless works of fiction
throughout the ages, really!
And the only mere semblance of romanticism
ever attained, at any given time,
was truly and in fact...
Perhaps veiled in wishful thinking,
hoping it could be real,
longing for possible total abandon,
never able to truly achieve it...
Disappointment after disillusionment,
continuously trying to find that spark,
again and again,
ever more conscious
of the hopelessness of the quest
as years go by...
Still, with each new relationship,
with each new attempt,
the role-playing starts anew...
Tainted love indeed.

Play that tainted song
all of this forthcoming summer long,
as you parade around in Nanette clothes!

And as for the role-playing
it sure is laudable role-playing...
but still!