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jeudi 29 mai 2014

Pressure, Smessure

Fair Use Act: 
we're just showing this here 
in order to study the fine art 
of dispensing propaganda 
and selling licensed goods off that!

Above: embeddable (and viewable - for a time!) NHL video 
(which is hardly reason to laud this at all!) 
of the New York Rangers players trying to explain why 
they don't finish the job faster than that...
One of them has sound arguments 
but seems to be saying that there will be a 
seventh and deciding game... WTH?!?

You're paid millions, you're average players at best -
and you admit showing up late 
-really, really late; like days late!- 
for work...  
What else do you call showing up 
five games late 
for a best-of-seven series, HUH? 
You must have felt like the refs were in your pocket, 
Lars - and since they handed you 
all the chances you needed 
to steal victory, at the most crucial time, 
from a superior Boston team 
(that was playing, itself, at only 75% capacity) 
you thought it would be more of the same 
in this round, against a team 
that is just not BOSTON...

So, now, you think this is ''the best'' 
you've played in this series...

It's still not good enough. 

Habs-Not OUT 
- and onwards with what is best for the league: 
another all-american cup finals
(just like last year's Boston-Chicago finals; 
Los Angeles-New York this time!)

Luminous Luciano 
has spoken!
Or, er, blogged anyway...!