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jeudi 25 décembre 2008

Jeudi 25 Décembre 2008 -
Aujourd'hui, c'est la Saint Emmanuel...!

Does anyone know what that truly MEANS anymore, though?!?

Not judging by this GIF:

They don't!

Granted, the story of RUDOLPH THE RED-NOSED REINDEER is a heartwarming tale or acceptance, maybe even redemption (in the raising of self-esteem area) in the otherwise cold season...!
Like many an addition to the now vast Christmas lore (Frosty the Snowman; Jack Frost - I do mean the Michael Keaton movie, mostly here; a 1001 other Christmas time tales in writ and in movie form - and the myriad of tales told through song as well...) RUDOLPH is meant to be a lesson in GOODNESS and the merits thereof...

But really now - all those critters DON'T EXIST.

Only a saint by the name of Nicholas ever truly did - and even if he was the generous type, he never established the impossible record of giving at least one gift to EVERYONE ON THE PLANET within ONE SINGLE NIGHT...

I hope you're not learning anything new here...!!!

What truly did happen is that a great prophet (according to Islam) and a Redeemer, the Messiah (according to us, Christians!) was born sometime around this date - He Did Live, He Did Come to this world and there were astral signs when He Did. That is all FACT. Moreso, further down the line, there is evidence that He Was Crucified... And He Did Resurrect - but that is best saved for around Easter Time!
(Hey - I'm tackling Rudolph and Frosty right now; the Easter Bunny can wait its turn, like every other year!)

And we choose to celebrate His Coming... today!

So forget about Rudolph!

(And if the GIF image above ever blinks out of existence - I am not replacing it! I'd sooner say "good riddance" - *lol*)

So, really, folks - WAKE UP!

And that is The Truth!