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mercredi 27 septembre 2006

75th Anniversary DVD releases... Yay! ***Yawn!***

I left a comment about this (more or less) celebrated event too, yes, on the review site linked above (click on this post's title or the picture to go there):

Poor Universal Monsters - they are so poorly treated that one is tempted to see them as the paupers, with the princes being their funny versions in the Munsters and Addams Family! :!

I guess Universal thought a 75th anniversary is really no big deal at all... And that makes me wonder if they will not simply omit to celebrate the Wolfman, the Mummy, the Phantom of the Opera and my favorite, the Creature from the Black Lagoon, once THEIR turn comes...! :(

But then it hit me: I know what Universal will do when the time comes to celebrate the "next batch"...
They'll do it with REMAKES! A flurry of BAD REMAKES starring the most bankable stars they can find TODAY!
I can see it: Brad Pitt fending off the Gillman...
Brad Pitt - singing at the opera!
Brad Pitt - all wrapped up in band-aids and stuck in a sarcophagus!
AND Brad Pitt growing HAIR - as he gets WOLFY! *LOL*

Brad can sport fangs too: t-shirts could be made out of his return to vampiric folklore, t-shirts that read "BRAD BITES"... *lol*

Angelina Jolie could be such a pretty Bride too - if they made an umpteenth Franky remake and if she wasn't so dykey too!

(Angelina is no Julie Adams - ok?)

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Luminous (\ô/) Luciano ™ a dit…

DVD Review:
Frankenstein - 75th Anniversary Edition

Written by Matt Paprocki
Published October 27, 2006

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» Movie Review: Eloise - Little Miss Christmas


What is an acceptable time frame for a movie to be re-released on DVD? Apparently a year and a half, according to Universal. Frankenstein is definitely a film worth buying twice, but there's a problem on the consumer level when this becomes a separate release.

There's very little left to discuss about Universal's classic horror film. It's more than iconic; it's the version of Frankenstein the public is aware of. Boris Karloff, in a stunning piece of makeup, has been used countless times to represent the monster. His performance sets the tone for every interpretation to follow.

Direction by James Whale is ahead of its time. The lack of music creates a deeper sense of dread and horror, while close ups of the monster are executed flawlessly. The only Universal classic horror film that even comes close is the sequel, Bride of Frankenstein.

Filmed in 1931, it's amazing how effective the film is. In an era of explosions, big budget effects, and even deadlier monsters, Frankenstein still has the necessary impact that made it a success. That's the mark of a classic.

Remastered for another DVD release, the print is slowly becoming perfect. Heavy dirt is evident throughout, though there has been progress made to limit it and nearly all signs of damage have disappeared. Detail comes through clearer than ever and the sets shine in digital form. The dull, pale face of Karloff can truly be appreciated.

Audio remains roughly the same. There's still nagging hissing and popping for the entire running time. The mono audio still provides what it needs to, and that's understandable dialogue. Anything else is a bonus given the age.

Extra features are where this edition begins to fall apart. The previous DVD, The Legacy "Collection," featured all five movies from the Frankenstein series on two discs. That set now costs less than this disc, simply called a part of the Legacy "Series." Extras are repeated from the Collection here, too, though a few pieces are worth watching.

Two commentary tracks go along with the film; Rudy Behlmer and Christopher Frayling are both monotone. Information is shared between them extensively, repeating focal points, actors, and facts about the shoot. Frayling is especially awful in his delivery, seemingly reading a script instead of following the film. Monster Tracks is a third way to learn about the shoot via text pop-ups. Again, this tends to be redundant information with the commentaries.

Karloff: The Gentle Monster is a short look back on the actor's career. It stays focused on acting. There is hardly anything said about his life offstage.

Disc two begins with the superb Frankenstein Files, running 90-minutes. Covering each film, this commendable documentary is produced beautifully. Fans of the DVD format have probably seen this, however, since it popped up on the Legacy Collection.

The Frankenstein Files turned up on the previous DVD set as well. It's a 45-minute piece hosted by David J. Skal, with interviews from familiar faces in Hollywood. Universal Horror was produced in 1998 for TV viewing. A little over 90-minutes, this covers the studio's horror lineup from the beginning and into the early 40s.

Two final pieces round off this set. Boo! is a short comedy produced in the silent era featuring many of the Universal monster roster before they became iconic figures. Finally, The Frankenstein Files is a collection of posters and lobby cards from the film.

Presented in an undeniably gorgeous thick cardboard cover, this Legacy Series release is a looker. Sadly, the product contained inside isn't worth the asking price. Unless the weak commentaries are worth it to you personally, it makes far more sense to buy the package with five films and a few less items to find in the extras department.

Matt Paprocki is the reviews editor for Digital Press, a video game website with an appreciation for the retro side of the industry. The deep game collection which spans nearly 30 systems and 2,000 games line his walls for research purposes. Matt strives to bring credibility to video game journalism, and take it in a new direction to aid the industry in becoming respected with all forms entertainment media.
Keep reading for information and comments on this article, and add some feedback of your own!

Buy from Amazon.com
Frankenstein (75th Anniversary Edition) (Universal Legacy Series) Frankenstein (75th Anniversary Edition) (Universal Legacy Series)
DVD, Usually ships in 24 hours
Frankenstein - The Legacy Collection (Frankenstein / Bride of / Son of / Ghost of / House of) Frankenstein - The Legacy Collection (Frankenstein / Bride of / Son of / Ghost of / House of)
DVD, Usually ships in 24 hours


Luminous (\ô/) Luciano ™ a dit…

I just thought I'd post this here - in case the original "review" gets deleted on the site of origin!

It sure can be deleted - it's not much, now is it?!?

Also, on the site of origin, no "personal attacks" are allowed - which is GOOD.
(I would not have been involved in so many flamewars if such rules existed EVERYWHERE - alas, crappy places such as stripcreator, fanhome, care2.com, YOUTUBE... do NOT enforce such golden rules!

Still, here, on this blogreview thingie, I am tempted to say this:

"Howcome Paprika there is your reviews editor, Digital Press, and not someone much more qualified for the job, more enjoyable to read, a true personality with charisma and pizazz... ME!!!"