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samedi 16 février 2008

Your Minis, My Minis, Our Time Wasted?

YourMinis.Com enables YOU
(and 1001 corporate entities) to create widgets that will "spread the word" on whatever it is that "rocks your world"... sort of!
Great promotional tool, I am sure...
But it is also a grandiose waste of time -
when one realizes that all that these widgets do, when they finally do download fully and start functioning properly, is, no more no less what we can readily see on any specialty cable channel with a simple flick of the remote!
Case in point: the Rolling Stone widget below...

For more widgets please visit www.yourminis.com

True, we are in the I.A. (Information Age)
and all the fuss here is justified for THIS sure is INFORMATION!
Indeed, data is flying high and low all over the web here...
But perhaps it is a tad excessive
to create a widget just to countdown to the release of an umpteenth unnecessary (aye, OBSOLETE) video game based upon AMERICAN FOOTBALL... (ugh)

I mean, who needs this stuff
And who needs to buy another MADDEN game - keep the cash
or donate it to the millions upon millions who are dying of HUNGER all around the world! John Madden doesn't need the dough - over there, they sure do.
Maybe they'll make a widget about REAL NEWS - news that MATTER.
Until they do, news that Madden watches and other sports trivialities are the object of (another) 1001 widgets - like the scoreboard widget below...
(How many scoreboards do you NEED - sheesh!)

More entertaining and educative, they also have the AOL VIDEOS widget on their extended menu... Far more entertaining and IMMENSELY more informative than other widgets that they sure do have in spades, all over the place...
(such as the WWE variety I made fun of here!)
At first glance, it is NEWS... hence, it should MATTER.
But then, upon closer inspection, we notice that those
are clearly not world-shaping events there, in these
much-vaunted and lauded AOL videos...

Well, at least I also found a CLIMATE CRISIS widget
Now here is something useful, about what really MATTERS out there, in the REAL WORLD, and that is affecting us all...
Oh wait; it's another promotional tool, is what it is!
For Al Gore's flick - An Inconvenient Truth!
We were had, again! Ugh!

For more widgets please visit www.yourminis.com

All in all, it is such a pity;
such fine "widgetry" - and it is all wasted
on such trivial, worthless subjects!

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