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mardi 11 juin 2013

3 Dykes And A Cushion...

The cushion, in this case, would be the platform that a well-known radio hostess will be giving these three avowed-sapphists - as if they needed any!  As they appear to feel on top of the world, professionally and otherwise, the three drag kings must be floating on thin air - or cloud nine.  But the odds are exxxtremely slim that they'll reach le Septième Ciel (Seventh Heaven - literally) if they continue on this tangent here... But that's another story...

Kudos to Catherine for going out of her way to ferret out new and most candid interview objects: er, subjects, I mean to type (one has got to be careful what one types lest the NOT-SO-GLAAD ONES will come down on our cases with false accusations here...!) - it is laudable, most certainly (unless it wouldn't be featured here - duh!) but still...

  • Valérie Beauquier wow, bravo, il y a quelques années je travaillais sur un projet documentaire qui s'intitulait: grand-maman a une blonde, J'ai fait des pieds et des mains pour trouver des femmes haut placé, aucune ne voulait parler, je parle d'il y a 8 ans de cela, très heureuse qu'enfin elles se dévoilent en 2013, je vais écouter ton émission comme toujours
    30 minutes ago · Like · 3

  • Sophie Dea WoW...Bravo Catherine; j'adore les sujets qui sortent de l'ordinaire et celui-là, ce n'est pas banal. Les tabous, moins on en a et mieux on se porte!!! 
TD BANK has a long history of GAY APPROVAL...
You can TRUST CANADA for such things! 
Vladimir Putin doesn't lament the fact for nothing, y'know... 
And THAT is WHY you won't see any Canadian babies 
being adopted by Russian couples ANY TIME SOON! 
But that's another story! 

Is one of these two our BANKER...?
No thanks...

Only RE/MAX lesbian I could find 
on a swift and merry Google search 
was this one...
There are many more GAY 
than there are 
oddly enough! 
How queer, hmm?
Wouldn't everybody rather do business 
with a lesbian realtor 
instead of a gay real estate agent? 
Just asking...

As for the connection between sapphic ambition 
and the giant of software, I'll let you ferret that one OUT all by yourselves:
 just click on the logo above!

 A proud CPC presentation - not CBC! But the French equivalent of it, actually!  And, actually, there is no CPC; not in broadcasting, anyways! ''CPC'' here stands for ''Catherine Perrin Complet'' of course: which means to say that our hostess here, Mrs. Perrin, has no more room left for any additional ''friends'' on FACEBOOK.  Maybe she'll clear some room for new ones now... HMM?

Say it isn't so, ah... lesbo?
(Only for the rhyme here!)

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