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vendredi 4 avril 2008

She acted "as a good minister (would)" - not in good faith!

Agir en bonne ministre
Agir en bonne ministre

Agir en bonne ministre - népotisme nonobstant!
Répliquant à la demande de démission de Mario Dumont, Monique Gagnon-Tremblay affirme avoir bien agi en taisant les allégations de plaintes pour harcèlement psychologique à l'endroit de l'ex-délégué du Québec à New York.

Ahh - politics! Such a high-stake game for the hypocritical and the rich and blase!

I seem to always pick on the Quebec examples, true - but what can I say; I am closer to those sad examples geographically-speaking, so...

It is all the same everywhere else though; you know so much already!

Only differences, from spot to spot, are what is at stake; and what shape the casualties take...!

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