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samedi 28 juin 2008

Thanks but no thanks, celebs...!

Click above
for all the razzle-dazzle and fluff galore
attached to a ton of "celebrities"
that breathe, talk too much and poop
just like *YOU* - yeah!!!
Yet, you place them on such a pedestal
that elevates each and every single one
of their simplest and silliest moves
to the level of "entertainment" in and by itself
if not also the level of RELEVANT *FAIT ACCOMPLI*...!
I've got news for you all -
nothing that these "celebrities" do,
will ever do or have ever done
will EVER truly affect *YOU* -
you only IMAGINE the effects on your lives!
Yes - it's true, it's true!
The BEST that they can EVER do for you
is make you forget, for a infinitely short time,
your personal woes and troubles...
Aside from that -

Unless the celebrity takes "precious time
out of their precious busy schedule"
to speak out for you or your cause
and raise awareness and/or funds for you
and/or it...!
And THAT is a tremendous

None of you really need that anyway -

Some celebs used to sang
that "all you need is LOVE..."
- but that was THEN...!

What did THEY know about ANYTHING - huh?

That goes
probably a HUNDRED-FOLD
for the current crop
of celebs here...!

Trust me -
you don't even need a celeb
to tell you what fashion wear to go with,
what to do with your week-end
-much less your life-
or how to choose
your entertainment fare...!

Trust me on THAT...!

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